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Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day DIY: Hand Stamped Key Chain

This Father's Day I wanted to do a little something different for The Mister.
He's been so great in helping with E, being there for me,
and just being an all around support group, 
I wanted to create something that has a little more meaning behind it
than the traditional store purchased item. 

So, I settled in with some of these great Archer Farm's Cookie Chips,
and started to stamp away.

I found this fantastic stamp kit at Hobby Lobby for only $19!
They had a few different font styles, but I absolutely loved this semi cursive look. 

I also found these awesome guitar picks at Hobby Lobby, that were only $1.47. 
Initially I was looking for picks without a hole at the top, 
however the thought occurred to me that they would make a perfect key chain!

I stamped "You Rock Daddy"

I already had a set of stamps (the red kit) that have a more typewriter looking font. 
Because I didn't have a heart stamp, I chose to stamp out a sideways "v" and "3" 
and make a geeky heart - which is perfect by my geeky IT husband.


And the finished product!
It's nothing glamorous, but it's from the heart. 
That's all that matters ;)

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there :)

Stocking My Craft / Party Supplies Cabinet

When my mother in law came in to town to help with E for a few days, 
I had the opportunity to really clean and organize my house. 
After going through my craft and party supplies,
I realized there were a few essential items that were missing.

Lollipop Sticks - great for lollipops of course, but can also work great for the sticks on cupcake toppers, or even when creating a small cake bunting 

Craft Sticks - so many uses, so little blog space ;) but seriously, they can be used for anything from toddler arts and crafts to home DIY projects

Printable Sticker Paper - gives you the flexibility to create labels, stickers, sticker style gift tags and more

Circle & Scallop Paper Punch - I love using these for cupcake toppers, but they can be used punching out labels from the sticker paper above, or scrapbooking.  There are also tons of designs so that you aren't just limited to circle and scallop - snowflakes, hearts, pumpkins, name it, it's probably out there.

White Card Stock - DIY cards, banners, cupcake toppers, gift bag toppers, invitations.

So I sought out the good ol' inter webs and found some really great deal!
If you are interested in purchasing the items above,
here are linky links to where you can find them ;)

Jo-Ann Fabrics

Right now there are three different coupons you can use at Jo-Ann's. 
I chose to use the 50% off one regularly priced product.
Click here to be taken to their coupon page.

Hobby Lobby

Using the promo code Hobby Lobby provides on their website,
I was able to receive 50% off my highest item.
Click here to go to their website and look at the top of the page near the search bar.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

$5 for $10: Starbucks Gift Cards!

I absolutely love Starbucks. 
So when I found out that Groupon was providing another $10 gift card for only $5 I knew I had to share!

[Photo From Here]

Monday, April 28, 2014

Catching Up

Wow March 21st was the last time I posted anything.
Isn't it crazy how quick time goes by?
In no particular order, here is a quick update on what has been happening
in our neck of the woods.

Recently my car needed to be dropped off to the shop, 
so The Mister left me with his car that I've driven all of maybe two times. 
Of course, after I was going crazy because I found a massive Target nearby done shopping at Super Target
I loaded E into the car, got him all strapped into the car seat, 
and proceeded to use the remote to start the car while I was loading bags in the back, 
to allow for some warm air to start flowing to keep E warm. 

...of course the car somehow locks, the firemen are called,
and they arrive with the truck in full siren - along with a police officer who had his lights on. 

At least they got the car unlocked for me!

The Mister started his new job (which he loves), 
and he received a goodie box of amazing cookies 
to welcome him to the team.
We had never seen anyone do this on any job in the past, 
so we were pretty impressed by this.

Of course during the great weather, we had to do a quick photo session.
Even if the pics were taken on our patio, and we were just playing around.


On April 3rd, Grey's Anatomy featured a part of E's medical diagnosis. 
It was really cool to see, even though in the end they didn't really explain what goes on correctly.
But hey it's TV and they're really only about viewership.
This is the second time a part of the diagnosis has been featured!

[Photo From Here]

Let's see - 
A few miscellaneous things...
E battled teeth pain hard core within the last month. 
The Mister and I planned and set a date for our first family vacation.
We decided that we were going to renew our wedding vows at year 10.
I lost 15 total pounds to date since April 9th.

We visited the doctor, and found that E's surgery last month was successful.
We also scheduled the next surgery to hook everything back up, and also remove the Mickey!
We are so excited and nervous about the next phase of all of this. 
But hey, it puts us closer to our end goal of "maintenance mode",
and that's a great thing!

E figured out how to use his car to get to things that are taller than him. 
Which is cute, but also makes for a very interesting day.

It snowed after having some great weather. 

E came down with an infection.
And then we both battled stomach flu hard core.

 We played outside some more.

I found a Little People little guy who looked like E. 
Of course this had to be purchased ;)

During "Easter", my husband and I took E to the local park 
so that we could snag some bunny pictures. 
They didn't turn out the greatest because they were in full sunlight
and the sun was right up above us. 
But hey, it's about the memories for me right now. 
And bad picture or not, my son looks too stinkin' cute!

I also got my first son-picked flower. 
I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but the very fact that he went out with Nana 
and handed me a flower when he returned melted my heart.
Swoon.  I love my son so much.

What "Easter" is complete without goodie baskets?!
E was pretty much set after the candy box from my mother in law, 
and the toy basket from The Mister and I.

And last but not least I've been hard at work getting ready for Ohio's First VACTERL Family Picnic. 
I'm very excited to meet the people who said they were coming,
and I'm also looking forward to our children meeting. 
This is a photo of the amazing location I'm so thrilled to have snagged!!!
If you would like to see the general theme that will be set up, 
feel free to visit my Pinterest Board "VACTERL Family Picnic"

Friday, March 21, 2014


Today I was able to snap a few more pics of E for March :)
These are by far my favorites - I love the outfit, the lighting, the cowboy hat 
and the fact that he's standing.  Proof positive he's growing up for sure. 

Ah, bittersweet.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Playing Catch Up

It's been a while since I've posted anything!
It seems like once the weather became even partially beautiful
technology and being inside took a back seat pretty quick.
Besides, with what seems like a never ending winter, 
who wouldn't want to soak up the sunshine?


E quickly realized he could throw things into the toilet if the lid is open.
Let's now hope he doesn't learn to open said lid.

We initiated a family date night/day once a week. 
This includes getting out of the house and doing something fun as a family.
Since we hardly eat out now that we have switched to organic foods, 
going to a restaurant is actually a treat because (1) I don't have to cook and (2) it's a change in routine.

We found this great place that serves only Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch - Scrambler Marie's
And we quickly decided this would be our go to Brunch spot!
The decor was really cute and really added to the country feel of it. 
Better yet, E totally learned to drink from a cup that day!

On the 15th we decided to break out some green clothes, 
and our the little leprechaun-ish looking hat, 
and snap a few Saint Patty's Day pics and some pics for March in general.

After we were shopping, for the first time E discovered his reflection in the car.
It was absolutely hilarious seeing him move around
and watching his head get larger, smaller, skinnier, fatter.

Aunt Howdee sent a cute cowboy hat and boots.
It was so cute paired up with some khakis and his Wrangler Jean Jacket.
Photo shoot in the near future? I think so!

I attempted to make a Gourmet Hamburger.
The Mister definitely liked it.
Give it a try!
Fry or grill up your burger, top with cheese, bacon, egg and steak sauce.

The Mister finally fixed up my in-closet pantry,
where I was able to stock my canned/jarred/boxed goods.

E has been teething hard core lately. 
He's been drooling all over the place and crying out in pain. 
His molars are coming in - poor little fella. 

I am however glad for the extra cuddles I've been getting. 
He wants to snuggle and hold hands every chance he can get.
He's getting so big an independent that he rarely wants to cuddle anymore. 
I miss Baby E!

And last but not least, wee man is feeding himself with a spoon!
He still needs to practice, but at least he's got down the basics.
We "scoop" up the food from the jar/bowl, and "eat it".
He does very well!