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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Beautiful Future

Tonight as Baby E sleeps snuggled up in his blanket, 
I fight the urge to pick him up and snuggle with him some more. 
Like most days, when he's asleep I have "baby withdrawals".
The silence and the alone time in the evenings seems almost odd.
Tonight the urge is even stronger, despite my exhaustion due to waking up at 4am.

Today we received some incredible news from one of the doctors working with E. 
While I would rather not post the details publicly, I can say that our fears have vanished. 
As a mother these fears weighed heavily on my mind, almost every day. 
Not due to a lack of faith, but only because I want the very best for my son. 
Just like any mother out there, or father for that matter - who wouldn't want the best for their children?
I don't want him to have to feel pain or heartache, or to struggle with things we take for granted. 

Today our prayers were answered - I cried tears of joy and relief. 
Yes my friends, this beginning of our first time parenthood has been an insane crazy rollercoaster ride. 
Happiness and Heartache, Worry and Hope, Anger and Sadness, Excitement and Devestation. 


After today, despite the struggles and obstacles we've faced/dealt with, 
I feel like we can take on the world. 
As long as we have each other, 
as long as we remain faithful to God, 
I am confident we can get through anything.

For the first time in a very long time, 
the future looks absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Just found your blog! :) So excited and thankful to have "met" through FB. You are a strong mama and Eli is so blessed to call you his!